Ashtamangala Dragon Door (Temple Door) with Toren and Eight Auspicious Symbols
Mar 23
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Imbue your home with the serenity and artistry of the Himalayas with a handcrafted Ashtamangala Dragon Door from Hastkalaa. More than just a functional doorway, these magnificent doors are works of art, steeped in symbolism and cultural heritage.

Symbolism of Abundance and Enlightenment

The Ashtamangala Dragon Door features eight auspicious symbols, each representing blessings and good fortune in Buddhism. These symbols include:

  • The Conch Shell: Representing the dharma, or teachings of Buddha.
  • The Endless Knot: Representing the interconnectedness of all things and the cycle of rebirth.
  • The Lotus Flower: Representing purity and enlightenment.
  • The Victory Banner: Representing triumph over adversity.
  • The Dharmachakra: Representing the wheel of dharma and the teachings of Buddha.
  • The Golden Fish: Representing abundance and prosperity.
  • The Treasure Vase: Representing spiritual and material wealth.
  • The Umbrella: Representing protection from suffering.

Dragons and the Flaming Jewel

The Ashtamangala Dragon Door is flanked by two powerful dragons, symbols of protection and good luck in Nepali culture. The central Toren, a flaming jewel, is believed to grant wishes and fulfill desires.

A Work of Art for Your Home

The Ashtamangala Dragon Door is more than just a doorway; it’s a conversation starter and a stunning focal point for any space. Perfect for a home entryway, meditation space, or yoga studio, this handcrafted door brings the beauty of the Himalayas into your home.

Supporting Nepali Artisanship

When you purchase an Ashtamangala Dragon Door from Hastakalaa, you’re not just buying a door, you’re supporting the continuation of traditional Nepalese craftsmanship. Each door is meticulously carved by hand by skilled artisans, ensuring that you have a truly unique piece.

A Touch of the Himalayas Awaits

Browse the Hastakalaa collection today to find the perfect Ashtamangala Dragon Door to bring a touch of Himalayan serenity and spiritual symbolism into your home.

Hastkalaa: Preserving Nepali Tradition

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