Pujari Math in Bhaktapur, 15th Century Inspired Peacock Window Panel. Aakhi Jhyal.
Mar 23

Have you ever seen a window so beautiful it deserves a nickname like “Mona Lisa of Nepal”? Well, that’s exactly what they call the Mhaykhā Jhyā, also known as the Peacock Window Panel, gracing the Pujari Math in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

A Timeless Treasure

This isn’t just any window; it’s a masterpiece carved from wood in the 15th century! Nestled just off the bustling Dattatraya Square, the Pujari Math itself is a treasure trove of intricate woodwork, housing a Woodcarving Museum that showcases the artistry that continues to define Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley.

A Feast for the Eyes

The Peacock Window is a true testament to this skill. Imagine a central, magnificently detailed peacock surrounded by a court of smaller birds, all meticulously carved from wood. The peacock’s tail feathers then transform into a stunning latticework, a design element that’s a hallmark of traditional Newari windows.

More Than a Window, a Cultural Legacy

These Newar windows, as they’re called, are far more than functional openings. They’re elaborately carved works of art, a distinctive feature of Nepalese architecture, and a powerful symbol of the rich culture and artistry of the Newari people.

From grand palaces to cozy homes and sacred buildings throughout Nepal Mandala, these windows grace structures, breathing life and beauty into their surroundings. And the best part? The Peacock Window, despite its age, is still very much in use today!

A Touch of Nepal in Your Home

At Hastakalaa, we’re passionate about sharing the beauty of Nepali craftsmanship with the world. While the original Peacock Window might be irreplaceable, we offer a variety of handcrafted wooden panels inspired by this iconic design.

These panels bring the essence of Nepali artistry into your home, acting as conversation starters and stunning focal points. They’re a fantastic way to add a touch of global flair and cultural appreciation to your space, while also celebrating the enduring legacy of Nepalese woodcarving.

Dive Deeper into Nepali Culture

The Mhaykhā Jhyā, or Peacock Window, is just one example of the incredible artistry Nepal has to offer. Here at Hastakalaa, we encourage you to explore the fascinating world of Newar windows. We’ve included some of the different window styles you might encounter:

  • Sanjhyā: A classic projecting bay window, a hallmark of Newar architecture.
  • Tikijhyā: The most common window type, featuring a beautiful lattice design.
  • Gājhyā: A projecting window nestled under a protective roof.
  • Pāsukhā Jhyā: A small window with five sections, symbolizing the Pancha Buddha (Five Buddhas).

So, next time you’re looking for a unique and meaningful piece to add to your home decor, consider a handcrafted wooden panel inspired by the Peacock Window. It’s a conversation starter, a celebration of cultural heritage, and a timeless piece of beauty that will be admired for generations to come.

Looking to explore more of Hastakalaa’s handcrafted treasures inspired by Nepali artistry? Browse our collection today!

15th Century Inspired Peacock Window Panel.

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