Nepalese Art: A Unique Spin on Holiday Decor show the ancient art of basantapur nepal.
Mar 20

The holiday season is synonymous with cheer, warmth, and a whole lot of sparkle. But this year, how about we swap the usual glitz for something more cultured and intriguing? A touch of the Himalayas, perhaps? Nepalese Art and Craft: A Unique Spin on Holiday

Transforming Traditions into Tinsel

Nepal’s rich artistic tradition has something for everyone. From intricate wooden carvings to vibrant Thangkas, each piece tells a story and brings a slice of Nepal into your space.

Nepalese wooden carvings and Thangkas
  • Wooden carvings can add an old-world charm to your holiday decor. Think carved wooden candleholders on your Christmas dinner table or a beautifully carved Nepali Dhaka on your mantle.
  • Thangka paintings, traditionally used for meditation, can bring a vibrant and peaceful aura to your space. Hang a Thangka painting near your Christmas tree, and watch the colors dance around the room!

Nepalese Art in Action

Are you imagining a Himalayan Christmas? Let’s turn that imagination into reality. Here are some spaces beautifully adorned with Nepalese art and craft.

Holiday Decor with Nepalese Art
Kaal Bhairav Temple is located near Hanuman dhoka & Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu – UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a gigantic erected idol of Kaal Bhairav- A ferocious incarnation of Lord Shiva to destroy evils. It is believed to be carved from a single stone.

Aren’t they just gorgeous?

Do It Yourself!

Why wait when you can create your own Nepalese-inspired holiday decor? Here’s how:

  • Transform a simple wooden carving into a centerpiece by placing it in the middle of your dinner table surrounded by candles and holiday greens.
  • Incorporate Thangka paintings into your decor by framing and hanging them or using them as unique table mats.
  • Use traditional Nepalese textiles as table runners, tree skirts, or even gift wrapping!

Local Heroes

Support local businesses while decorating your space. Here are a few businesses that offer authentic Nepalese art and craft items perfect for the holiday season:

  • Business 1: Specializes in wooden carvings with intricate details.
  • Business 2: Offers a wide range of Thangka paintings.
  • Business 3: Your go-to place for traditional Nepalese textiles.

This holiday season, let’s celebrate diversity and culture with a touch of Nepal in our homes. Happy decorating!

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